Facebook Likes – Why are they important for your Marketing Campaign?

We see posts from all types of companies and artists daily being Posted on Facebook, not to mention Sponsored posts that no one wants to see or finds them interesting and they all have one thing in common – likes and reactions.

What is a Facebook Like?

As the name says it, it gives the ability to people to express their feelings about a post and Facebook recently introduced cool smiley buttons, like, haha, hug and a pissed off angry emoticon.

Why are likes and reactions important for your marketing campaign?

You probably may think they have 0 effect over your marketing campaign, but you are damn wrong here. Reactions and likes are very important since they tell a lot about you and if you have no likes and reactions, people will just pass and never check your post, because they will think it’s nothing interesting since no one ever liked it or reacted.

  • If you are selling a product, the more likes you have, the better a potential buyer would feel to purchase
  • If you are an artist, if you have more likes to your music, people will listen and watch your stuff out of curiousity
  • If you have more likes, that post will be shown to people who have liked your fan page and also their friends list (this is very cool!)
  • Facebook Likes increase your Fan Page Engagement, they will boost your exposure and bring you more impressions and hopefully conversions
  • Businesses and products with more likes on their Facebook posts have 200% higher chance to convert rather than posts with no likes or just a few likes

You can easily get likes for your posts by sharing them with your friends on chat, sharing them on your wall or participating in exchange networks or like for like groups. But, this is the harder way.

The easier way, the way to skip forward the hard part and start getting likes instantly is to use a SMM provider that offers targeted and high quality likes from real people. If you are wondering how they do it, we will give you an example.

SMM Agencies have huge followings on their Social Medias. If you order from someone likes, they will simply re-share your post to their HUGE fan page and this will result to their audience liking the post on your own page and maybe even your fan page.

If you are looking for a good provider with cheap pricing per 100 facebook likes we highly recommend you to check QQTUBE’s services.

You can finally stop worrying about likes and proceed with other parts of your overall marketing campaign.